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rags 2 pads

Purchasing equipment that will mass produce a crucial but expensive commodity in Haiti, sanitary pads – not only will this equipment create employment for some of the neediest women, the illiterate (Ayiti has over 7 million illiterate people).  This endeavour will provide employment, meals, education and the ability for these women to provide their families with a better quality of life by creating a trickle effect.

Over 3 million girls and women cannot afford sanitary pads every month, with the lack of water, sanitary conditions – they are forced to use dirty pieces of cloth, they are unable to work (if they get employment), they are unable to go to school or on those days are embarrassed to leave their homes not to mention the diseases that can arise from constant use of rags.

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Upcoming Projects: 2018

DISCOVER HAITI 2018, Past, Present & Future:  Facilitating the largest event showcasing Haiti in a positive light, collecting donations enough to fill a container to be shipped and distributed to various organizations in Haiti in dire need.  While highlighting the music, art, fashion and cuisine of Haiti in Toronto, this event will not only show one side of Haiti but will also feature speakers that will educate attendees on the country of Haiti, HISTORICALLY, POLITICALLY & SOCIALLY.   DISCOVER AYITI: Past, Present & Future this will be an exceptional platform for creating awareness for HAITI.


Join us on this mission to bring hope and create awareness to this country, AMAZING AYITI.

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