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There is a place in the Caribbean where the tourists don't go; a tropical, rugged place of waterfalls, caves, and mountains that scrape the sky. It's a place of color, laughter, children playing in the streets while people hawk their goods; where the only thing stronger than the rum is the spirit of the people who live there, where HOPE truly lives. It's a place where only true travelers go; a place for the brave and the curious. The name of that place? Ayiti. Yes, Ayiti.

This 7-day journey will be one like no other, its time to DISCOVER #amazinghaiti and extraordinary, vibrant, and indomitable nation. Experience the energy of Port-au-Prince, the colourful art of Jacmel, the world famous water falls Bassin Bleu, over 75 feet deep, one of the four water falls, the iconic (and UNESCO-protected) Citadelle Laferrière, visit orphanages where children still have hope for a brighter future, and learn the folklore behind Haitian Voodoo. Ayiti is on the RISE and your visit will help her climb higher.


JOIN US DECEMBER 2018, Stay Tuned for details and DISCOVER #AMAZINGAYITI

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