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First of I am NOT HAITIAN, but my love for Haiti knows no bounds

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First of I am NOT HAITIAN, but my love for Haiti knows no bounds. My name is Allison Harvey, Trini born and raised and currently residing in Toronto, Canada.  This amazing and fascinating country has devoured me heart and soul, I live to see the grandeur that Haiti will one day be restored to and become visible as the vibrant jewel it once was. 

This is my vision to create awareness for a country that has been devastated time and time again by natural and unnatural causes, for a people that live in H.O.P.E. day after day, that although they should have given up long ago continue to H.O.P.E. Haiti is a nation born of strength in the face of adversity.  Gained Independence when there was none, tenacity to hold on to their language, their culture, their religion as many seek to bury it, knowing with certainty that one day Ayiti will RISE.. like the Phoenix from the ashes. 

As we travel to Ayiti year after year, learning about the culture, the people and the ways to help the Ayitian people to help themselves through self sustaining actions.  Our ultimate Vision is to create a transitional home for young ladies that are turned out of the orphanages that are so widely talked about, when they reach 18 years old, to now fend for themselves with little or no experience..to do so – failing prey to negative forces and the cycle of abandoned children repeats itself.

H.O.P.E. House Ayiti will be a place of Rebirth, Building and having Access to facilities that will assist them in having a bright and sustainable future…

A Village within a Community.

Plant A Seed & Grow a Forest..Donate to H.O.P.E. Crossing Borders today for a Better Ayiti Tomorrow.


2010 – January 12th Earthquake rocks Ayiti…still in the throes of the aftermath
December 2010 - First trip to Ayiti… delivered 400 toys…to an orphanage in Delmas 75

2011 – December, 2nd trip to Ayiti… delivered 500 toys to 2 different homes.

2012 – December, 3rd trip to Ayiti.. delivered 800 toys to 3 different orphanages, 1 person joined me, found an amazing guide…Tito..his story was incredible..growing up in an orphanage and the life after.

2013 – December, 4th trip to Ayiti – another person joined me… we took school supplies, new toys, food..and distributed items to 5 different homes, including a new home on the outskirts of Port au Prince that we raised funds to donate 30 new mattresses to, the children slept on pieces of board and sponge with tattered rags for sheets spread over them.

2014 – Received an award from the Groupe Professionnel Haitien de Toronto for my commitment to Ayiti.

December, 5th trip to Haiti – my daughter took this trip, it was such an eye opener for a 20 year old who had never experience life without..water, electricity, internet..etc We distributed…food, new toys, baby items, school supplies. 

2015 – February went back to Haiti to deliver more supplies.
2015 – April – Guide was murdered in Haiti for items they tried to steal from him and left to die in the streets, raised money to pay for his burial.
2015 – October – Received an Award in Recognition of my work in Haiti from the World Organization of Natural Medicine

2015 – December – 7th Trip to Haiti in the midst of the elections, (a dangerous time to be in Haiti) distributed supplies to 8 different homes. 

2016 – December will be my 8th trip to Haiti..with a small team as we venture to the South of Haiti which was hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew, we will be taking supplies such as seeds for crops, livestock and building supplies that we can afford to take.

December 2016

Delivered supplies to various homes and traveled through Haiti – Port-au-Prince, Les Cayes, Ile A Vache, Jacmel, Leogane, St Marc, Parsonde, Au Cap. Visited the Haitian museum, Bassin Bleu, the world famous Citadel. Discovered a home in Tabarre for handicapped children and with the help of my friends and supporters were able to gift this home for the handicapped with much need wheelchairs.

2017 – Delivered in January 3 brand new wheel chairs to Ayiti cost over $3000.00 US

Haiti has a population of approximately 10 million
Haiti is in the Caribbean and is half of an island, the other side Dominican Republic
Haiti was the first country to gain their Independence from the France in 1803
99.9 % lives under the poverty line
75% are illiterate
50% of the population are under the age of 18 years old
100,000 children are orphaned or abandoned annually
Life expectancy of a Haitian is 45 years
There is no free elementary/high school or university
Children are expected to work on the streets or do what they can to survive
Average wages in Haiti..is $5.00 US per day
There are more abandoned children in Haiti than true orphans
Haiti has more NGOs than any other country


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