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Who is this lady? Do you know her?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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Who is this lady? Do you know her, funny thing is I don't know who she is either, all I know is that she was kind to me when I visited the Iron Market, (she was happy to get the money I spent, she even give me extra and I in turn paid her a bit more than she requested, but I know today, everything she had to sell is gone, all I know is her side of the market was burnt to the ground.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to go to the market everyday hoping for sales, surrounded by hundreds just like yourself.. going home some days with not having made a penny. 

Do you know how hard that is? And then getting up the next day and going again hoping that today, today is going to be a better day, .... can you imagine her devastation that morning to go to the market place, the only income she has coming in for herself, her children, her family and to see it burnt to the ground....

Do you know... ? Can you even contemplate? My heart breaks for her and you know why I dont know who she is, I fell helpless as I cannot help her in this hour of her need,... do you know how helpless I feel.... DO YOU KNOW? DO YOU EVEN CARE?



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